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Viking Wrestling Club is aimed to help grow your athlete in the Championship Lifestyle that has been the foundation of the Grand View wrestling team. We want to continue to build the love for the sport and keep athletes wanting more. We focus on our athletes attitude and effort. Wrestling can be demanding at times, we have developed a culture that allows beginners, intermediate and experts to thrive in the same environment. 

  • Practice will consist of athletic skill building, technical teaching, live goes and some fun workout games.
  • Athletes will need to arrive early, Coaches deliver a message before every practice.
  • Athletes will be expected to be ready to learn, get better and have fun.

Wrestling is one of the greatest sports for helping young kids build character, develop self-confidence, improve self-discipline, and strengthen their will to succeed. Athletes will grow in their life skills and success principles while learning to wrestle. We aim to teach our athletes technique that works at all levels. Physically wrestlers develop increased flexibility, strength, and coordination. We hope to instill in all athletes a love of the sport and an appreciation of the skills, time, and effort that is required to succeed in any life accomplishment. Most of all, we want all wrestlers to have fun and enjoy a great season!

Pre-Season Kick Off


Pre-Season Elite

Sept 2nd - Nov 7th

Tuesday/Thursday: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Sunday: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

$280/Session | $150/Monthly | $75 One practice per week for month | $1000/Year

1X Per Week








Get signed up by September for the full year (Pre-Season, In Season & Post Season) and receive Summer Champions I for FREE! That’s a savings of 280$!!!