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Exciting News!!

Partnership with The Kinesiology Lab

Dr. Z and The Kinesiology Lab will be designing programs for our athletes this offseason and moving forward to help them jump levels in their physical strength, improve their athletic abilities and increase their durability!

The Lab


We are excited to bring this new addition to our program and we truly believe this is a huge benefit to club athletes to have programs designed for them to follow at home and build their strength and dexterity. We know being physically strong is a huge portion of our sport so we decided it was time to give our athletes the ability to have access to this as well. 

Zeb 'Dr. Z' Sullivan Ph.D.

Along with his wife Christie, is co-owner/operator of The Kinesiology Lab. Dr. Z is excited to share his expertise in health, wellness, and fitness.

Dr. Z has extensive breadth and depth of educational and professional backgrounds. He earned a bachelor of science in animal science with a minor in economics, a master of science with co-majors of human nutrition and animal nutrition, and a Ph.D. in kinesiology. Dr. Z’s Ph.D. specialization was the biological basis of human behavior with a primary area of emphasis in exercise physiology and a secondary area of emphasis in exercise psychology. All degrees were earned from Iowa State University. He is currently studying biology and chemistry at Grand View University.

Dr. Z is a tenured associate professor at Grand View where he also chairs the Department of Kinesiology. At Grand View, Dr. Z performed extensive curricular redesign to offer a kinesiology major. He also initiated the development of the Master of Science in athletic training degree and helped develop the Master of Science in sport management degree.

Dr. Z has had the honor and privilege to teach, advise, and befriend thousands of students. He has mentored numerous physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, wellness directors, exercise specialists, strength and conditioning professionals, coaches, and educators.

Courses Dr. Z has taught include:

Exercise Physiology
Exercise Psychology
Exercise Testing and Prescription
Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Kinesiology Internship
Careers in Kinesiology
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
Introduction to Resistance Training
Physical Fitness and Wellness
Additionally, Dr. Z has guest-lectured in numerous kinesiology, athletic training, animal science, animal nutrition, human nutrition, and biomedical sciences courses.

As a former powerlifter and competitive strongman, opening The Kinesiology Lab has been his lifelong dream. Whereas Dr. Z has coached and trained many successful younger, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes, as well as the general population, he is first and foremost an educator (and, according to his teaching evaluations, a pretty darn good one). Therefore, given the opportunity, Dr. Z will enthusiastically teach you how to live a joyful, healthy lifestyle and improve your performance.

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